B5. Analyze problem situations involving measurement concepts, select appropriate strategies, and use an organized approach to solve narrative and increasingly complex problems.

In simpler form: Find strategies to solve simple problems about kinds of measurements that can be used no matter how hard the problem is.

Solving volume is very easy to do. All you need is a little bit of help. Today we will be talking about finding the volumes for cubes and rectangular shapes. The first thing that you have to is no what the height of a shape is. The height is how tall the figur is. And in math you usually use a H to represent the height.

Lengh is how long the figure is. We use L to represent the lengh

Width is how wide the figure is. We use W to represent the width

EX. To get volume for a cube you use the formula of length × width × height. So if the length of the cube is 3 in. and the width is 5 in. and the height is 6 in. then you would do 3 × 5 × 6. That equals 90 in³.

Lets try another one. Say you have a cube with a Lengh of 5, width of 5, and the heigh as 5.

To find the volume of that you use the formula.So after finding the formula you multiply it.

5×5×5= 125cm3.

You could use this in real life if you wanted to no how much you could put in your room. Or if you will even have even room to have something in there. You could calculate the volume to see if it will fit.

So say i want to put a couch in my room that is 8 feet by 4 feet by 3 feet. How would you find the volume of that? If you said to use the math formula for volume you are right. L×W×H

Now you figure it out.

If your answer is 96 then you are correct