This is the page for analyzing patterns, rules, and functions, using tables, graphs, charts, and simple equations.

If you already know all of what we are talking about, click on this page to practice your knowledge-

This is our page for beginners in representing and analyzing patterns, rules and functions with words, tables, graphs and simple variable expressions. First, you must understand what a table, graph, chart, and simple equation are. First, a table is a graphic organizer that can help you list information. A graph is similar to a table in that it graphs information, but can appear in two forms, a line graph or a bar graph. A line graph shows change over time where as a bar graph shows change between things. A simple equation could be something like 1+1x2 or other equations similar to this example. Another expression can be 2x2, or it can be complex like 2^5x3-1=? there are many degrees of difficulty.

Here's a simple pattern-
Do you know what the pattern is?
Think Harder!
Even Harder!
If you answered that the pattern is that doubling, you probably used a simple equation in your own head. You know that 2+2=4 so the number two doubled, and you know 4+4=8 so you know the number four doubled, and so forth. But some problems may not be so easy.
What about this one? 9,18,10,20,12,24

The numbers double, then you subtract eight, and it continues.

Here are some sample problems, and the answers will be lower on the page. Don't Cheat!

3)1,2,1,2,1,2,1 This one has multiple answers, if you find one, that's good, find two even better, if you found three, that's great!

1. Reduce by half
2. Reduce by two
3. Add one, subtract one (or multiply by 2, divide by two) And, there is one more way. Can you think of it? This is one of the more complex problems. Don't worry if you didn't solve it all, or only solved part.
4. Multiply by four, subtract four

I will use problem four.
You could use an equation- 2x4=8 8-4=4 4x4=16 etc. I find these work the best when working with patterns.
Now, for a graph, it could be something like this-graph.jpg
Then, as a Table
Original Product\Difference
2 - 8
8 - 4
4 - 16
16 - 12
12 - 48

It shows the original number multiplied by four, then subtracted by four. Some people find it easier to use an expression, some find it easier to use a chart, and some even find it easier if they use a graph. All of these ways work, but it is just a matter of finding the way that works for you. If you are having problems with some of the patterns, don't worry. Don't stress, just ask help from family, friends, or your teacher. Just remeber that your teacher is the best source.

Now, in real life problems, this could help quite a bit. If you had a pattern with your allowence, like you get six dollars every week, you could use a simple varible expression. It could be something like this.
Or, after you get your allownce, you sign up for Netflix, and guess what? It's four dollars a week. You could represent this in another simple variable expression. $7.00xW-$4.00xW=T
Now, here is a video that covers a graph and table ;) enjoy.

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