Justify that two forms of an algebraic expression are equivalent, and recognize when an expression is simplified--
This is the second page for the algebra this breaks down how to do the problems and gives you different ways.
-Two algebraic expressions are equivelant if they have the same domain and havethe samevalues for all numbres in their domain.
-Two expressions are also said to be equivelant if, for each combination of values for the free variables, they have the same output, i.e., they represent the same function.
To find something out such as
5y + 6y - 3x + 7x.
Your first step is to do
5y + 6y
It is 11y because you add them together and since they have the same multiplier.
The multiplier is Y.
Then, you do
3x + 7x
The answer is 10 because again they have the same multiplier of x so it is just simple adding.
finally, then you put the 2 answers as a problem and that is your simplified fraction.
10 + 11= 21
(x + 1) + (x + 2) is equivalent to x + 1 + x + 2
which is equal to X + X + 1 + 2 and that is equal to = 2X + 3 Because of the multiplier!!!

A variable is a symbol (like x or y) that is used in mathematical or logical expressions to represent a variable quantity . Most variables are alphabetic characters.An algebraic expression is an expression containing numbers and variables .
When each variable in an algebraic expression is replaced by a number, the algebraic expression takes on a numerical value.· Often a letter from the end of the alphabet: x, y, z
· Or a letter that stands for a physical quantity: d for distance, t for time, etc· Fixed values, like 2 or 7.
· Can also be represented by letters: a, b, c, p, e,
Factors are multiplied together.
Coefficients are constant factors that multiply a variable or powers of a variable
The middle term has 2 factors, –3 and x. We say that the coefficient of x is –3.
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The first term has three factors, 2 and two factors of x. We say that 2 is the coefficient of x2.
external image image006.gif
The last term is a factor by itself (although the number 4 could be factored into 2 ´ 2).

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Algebraic expressions can be used in real life. Well, these expressions are used to do tasks.
ok, I'll give you a number sentence
Do you know what to do, try scrollig up.
If you got 5 then CORRECT, if you didnt then make sure you remmeber that if both of their multiplier is X then it is just a regular addition problem if its not then you multiply. Same with subtraction. Say you have a problem like this:
That would basically be 8-3.
If you dont have the same multiplier then the problem is done like thisL
you use multiplacation to do this. so you would basically do 3x4.
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