Scientific Notation

If you already know scientific notation and you

need to study it this is the place to go.


Remember scientific notation is used
to make really long numbers short.
Ex. 40000=4x10^4

Scientific notation uses exponents on the end of 10 to make numbers shorter.
Also it multiplies numbers to make it shorter still.

If you have a number like 2000 and you want to shorten it you take the first number,which is 2
and multiply it by ten to the power of the how many numbers there are behind 2.
Ex. 2000 then 2 then 2x10 then 2x10^3
If you have a number that has more than one number that isn't zero you have to use decimals.
Say you have 235000. You have to take the first number then put a decimal point. After that
you need to put down all the numbers that aren't zero or the first number after the decimal
point. Then you multiply it by ten to the power of how many numbers there are after the first
number on the original number. Ex. 235000 then 2. then 2.34 then 2.35x10 then 2.35x10^5

Solve (mentally):

Put into scientific notation.

1.20000 2.3000000

3. .0000001 4. 12300000

5. .000000164 6. 64000000

Now put these into normal numbers

1. 5.967x10^3

2. 6.46x10^9

3. 2.201x10^2

Scientific notation is used in real life by many people. One job that uses it is astronamy. In astronamy they use it to mesure the distance between stars.

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