Grade Seven
Number, Number Sense and Operations Standard

Number and Number Systems Meaning of Operations

Computation and Estimation

C1. Demonstrate an understanding of place value using powers of 10
and write large numbers in scientific notation.

Kara Y
Steven M.
Katie C
Tori H.
Alyssa B.
Devin L
Samantha C.
Nick E
Aubrey H
Dan L
Tim M
James P
Kevin S
Sean K
Dan G.
Katherine C
Chad T
Charles T

C2. Explain the meaning of exponents that are negative or 0.

Kara Y
Jessica N
Katrina B
Amanda G

C3. Describe differences between rational and irrational numbers;
e.g., use technology to show that some numbers (rational) can be
expressed as terminating or repeating decimals and others
(irrational) as non-terminating and non-repeating decimals.
Sarah K.
Rebecca B

C4. Use order of operations and properties to simplify numerical
expressions involving integers, fractions and decimals.
Darby J
Ashley S
Jessy L
Nicole S

C5. Explain the meaning and effect of adding, subtracting, multiplying
and dividing integers; e.g., how adding two integers can result in a
lesser value.
Logan L
Carli M
Kasey m.

Chase T
Mason D

C6. Simplify numerical expressions involving integers and use integers
to solve real-life problems.

C7. Solve problems using the appropriate form of a rational number
(fraction, decimal or percent).

C8. Develop and analyze algorithms for computing with percents and
integers, and demonstrate fluency in their use.

C9. Represent and solve problem situations that can be modeled by and
solved using concepts of absolute value, exponents and square roots
(for perfect squares).
Mary K