Do you know what non-linear and linear is? Of course you don't. If you did you wouldn't be here. You would be off learning about other important math facts. So here we go. The word linear means straight line so linear graphs are graphs that increase or decrease in a straight line. So if the numbers increased by four each time it would be linear. It basically has to be a pattern. A pattern for a linear graph is 4, 8, 12, 16 , 20. If it decreases or increases in a curved line it is a non-linear graph. Here is an example of numbers for a non-linear graph : 0,3,4,7,8,9,22,43,45,54,65,98. The numbers do not increase or decrease in a pattern.

There are also linear and non-linear math equations. The math equations are what make the graphs. If the problem has an exponent it is nonlinear because if it was on a graph it would increase and decrease in a curve. An exponent is when you are multiplying a number by itself by a certain amount of times. An example is 9². 9² would equal 81 because 9x9=81. These kinds of problems cause the graph to jump all around and not increase by the same amount each time. If the problem is just a normal problem with no exponent it would be linear. Patterns can also be linear or nonlinear. Linear patterns are patterns that increase or decrease in a pattern each time. Non-linear increase or decrease differently each time. Here is a linear pattern 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 etc. An example of a linear math problem is 3x+4=y x=7 3x7=27+4=31=y. You would use linear and nonlinear pattern and equations when you are trying to make a graph. You would use the graphs when you are trying to show how much money you have every week, how many flowers are growing in your yard etc etc
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Ready for the test?
Here is a linear graph.linear_graph.jpg Here is a nonlinear graph.nonlinear_graph.JPG
I have an eight question test for you. the answers are on the bottom.
  1. Is 10⁷ a linear or non-linear equation?
  2. What does linear mean?
  3. Is y=4+9x3 linear or non-linear?
  4. Do linear or non-linear graphs increase or decrease in a slope?
  5. Is the pattern 7,14,21,28,35,40,65,66 linear or non-linear?
  6. Do exponents make an equation linear or non-linear?
  7. Is this graph linear or nonlinear?
8. Is 4,8,12,16,20 linear?

2. A straight line
3. linear
4. Nonlinear graphs
5. non-linear
6. Non-linear
8. Yes