Our indicator: Represent and analyze patterns, rules and functions with words, tables, graphs and simple variable expressions.
Pattern: something that repeats.
You use Patterns in tables, graphs, and other things.
Below is a bar graph with a pattern:


Below is a sample of a pattern:
Do you know what this pattern is?
If you think that the pattern is that doubling each number, then you probably used a simple equation to find that out. You know that 2+2=4 so the number two is doubled, and you know that 4+4=8 so the number four is doubled, 8+8=16, 16+16=32, and 32+32=64, and so on and so on.

I am now going to test you with another pattern.
Try to figure out what it is.
can you figure it out???
lets work it out togther...
3+3=6 6+3=9 9+3=12 12+3=15 15+3=18 18+3=21 24+3=24 24+3=27 27+3=30 and so on and so on.
Do you get it now?
I hope so.
In case you don't, then here are some videos to help you out a little bit more:

Patterns are used in a whole bunch of things in real life. Math is just one of them!
That was our lesson on patterns so I hope you liked it! : ]