You solve algebra by taking simple functions, patterns, and equations to find the answer, e.g. n=5 4n+6=26,
The steps to finding this answer is:
First, you do either any multiplication or division problems. 4n is the first multiplication in this problem, when a number is next to a letter you multiply. (n=5) then you do addition then subtraction we have 4n= and then +6
In this problem we have multiplication first so we do 4x5=20
finally we do the addition 20+6=26, now you have the answer 26.
(Hint: the order to do a problem is parenthesis first then exponents then multiplication OR division then addition finally subtraction, PEMDAS or PEDMAS)
When you try to figure out the equations you do that to find the variable. You split up x and y.
Example: in a chart x has it's own numbers like one, two, three. When you do y it has it's own numbers, but you need an equation to figure out what y is.
Now here is an example you can try on your own time: n=(4+5)34÷c c=7
(Hint:You have to do parenthesis first when you do the problem or it won't work)

This is a complex problem: n=56 s=8 d=65 3n(6+7)÷9sd-234(9+3)=

Answer (no peeking):123378.6667

This is an easier problem: n=67 m=2 z=24 nmz+45-67÷76=

Answer (no peeking):3260.118421

That is an examlpe on how you figure out algebra.....

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Algebra can be used in regular life. If your having a party and u need b bags of chips and p cans of pop then you can do b+p to get the full amount of stuff you need.
You can also have 3 bags of chips (b) and 15 cans of pop (p). If you need to get double of both you can do bx2+px2 to get how much bags of chips and pop doubled.
Those are ways you can use algebra in regular.