Algebra Indicators
You solve things like that by taking simple functions, patterns , and equations to find the answer e.g. ....(n=5) 4n+6=26,
The step to finding this answer is...... You need to break down the problem 4n+6=26.
You do the order of operations (PEMDAS) Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally or Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction.
In this problem we have multiplication so first we do 4×5=20
finally we do the addition 20+6=26, now you have the answer 26.
When you try to figure out equations you do that to find the varible. You split up the x and y.
Example.....In a chart x has its own numbers like one. two and three. When you do y it has its own numbers , but you need an equation to figure out what y is.
Now here is an example you can try on your own time.......n=(4+5)34÷c=7
(Hint....You have to do the parenthesis first when you solve the problem or it wont work.)

This is an challenging problem that you can try....x=8455 and z=76......
6x (45+56)÷50x+56z-7658=

Answer (don't peek)........866,419,341!!!

This is and easy problem....n=9 m=3 (nmnm)+9n-8m=

Answer (don't peek).........786!!!

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