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A Student's Point of View: The Ohio Math Standards

Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person. -Mother Teresa

Friday, March 23, 2007

From Mrs. McMahon

Students in our classes will be creating Wiki Pages that will focus on the Ohio 7th Grade Math Indicators. There are 46 indicators divided into the five key math strands: Number Sense, Measurement, Geometry, Algebra/Patterns, and Data/Probability.

Students will be partnering to reflect on prior knowledge, explore new authentic connections, and through research find data to support their understanding. Self choice will drive the formats. You will see the personalities and talents of the authors through these choices.

After we get the project completed, we will open, welcome, and encourage you to add comments to any of our wikipages We do not claim to know it all. Our intent is to show what we as individuals know, and most importantly, to learn from each other.

From Mr. Flynn, Listen here

It might not seem like it but, all of us are students. Just because a couple of us stand in the front of the room and do most of the talking doesn't mean that we don't learn every day. I can walk through the computer lab at any given moment and there's at least one "student" who has learned and is using a technique on photoshop that I didn't know about. I learn from all of you and, because I'm in the same room all day long, I get to share what I learned from you with the next class that comes in. Then, there's always somebody in that next class who teaches me something new and, before I know it, I've got about a half a dozen things to share with the next class that comes in. It's been like that for years. I learn from every student who passes through and I pass it on. That's exciting for me. And then, I always get comments like I did today in 4th period class, one student said, "I always wanted to know how to do that." Well, the secret is, I learned it from one of the students, I got to pass it on, and I got to enjoy hearing the excitement of someone else picking it up.

Now, this is your time. This is your time to get that great, inner-warm feeling when you can take what you've learned and pass it on to someone else. My personal experience with math is that most of us can "get it" if we have enough time to play with a concept. Some of us are deeper thinkers and sometimes that means we need more time to think about a concept before we "get it." Those of us who take that extra time to work our way through a math concept, we've learned something that others haven't. We've learned the traps and holes that students fall into while learning a concept and, because we've learned the pitfalls, we can help others to avoid the same problems. Once you get it, you can help others to get it, too. You can actually become better at explaining that concept to others because of troubles you've had in learning it. You can make a difference.

It's your point of view that's needed here.

That's why this project is important to Mrs. McMahon and me. This project that you will be doing will be available at this wikispace for your class and future classes of 7th graders who will come up through Harmon and throughout the whole internet world.

Just like what I do in the computer lab, where I learn from students and pass the information on, this Wikispace will be your chance to be the "teacher", stay inside the room, and pass your knowledge on to others.

And since every student in the United States, not just Ohio, will be taking tests on these math indicators, this will be a place where all 7th grade students can visit and share your experience on how to understand and succeed in math.

The internet has a lot of great information out there that can help students learn these indicators. There's knowledge out there just waiting for you to find it, package it with your experience, and place it in an available location for others to benefit from it There's videos, and podcasts, and math game sites, and math web sites, and math tools, and math connections that Mrs. McMahon and I haven't found or seen. And then you have the chance to make your own videos, or podcasts, or games, or smart board recordings, and all sorts of things that can help others understand a math concept. It's just waiting for someone to find it, or make it, and put it in a place where we can share it with others. This is your chance to help find that information, tie it together in this wikispace along with your experiences in learning this math concept., Then it becomes your chance to sit back and read the exciting comments from others who are thrilled to have had your help.

Have fun,

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