There are many 3 dimensional shapes and views to each object.
Some views are top, bottom, sides, front, and back.
Also 3D shapes deal with volume and surface area.
Volume is the amount of space in a 3 dimentional object.
Surface Area is the perimeter around a shape.
Here is a video on 3d shapes and views.

Many people have to use 3D objects for many things.
Some people have to use them during their job because if the person is drawing something like a house they have to use 3D.
Many jobs like architect, painters, and math teachers have to use 3D objects to make drawings.
external image drawing-1.GIFHere is an example of a 3d drawing.

If you have a problem that deals with 3D shapes and their views this is probably how you would solve it.
Say you have a cube and your teacher is asking you to find the volume of the shape.
Well first you would look at all the different views in that object.
There are many different shapes in the world.
There are many shapes in your normal day too.
Say you wake up out of your rectangle bed and you get dressed.
Then you go downstairs and pour cereal out of a rectangular box and pour it into a circle bowl.
Then you go and brush your teeth. You get your toothpaste out of a cilinder to.
external image cube.gif

Say you have this cube and the demensions are 3ft, 3ft, 3ft and you are trying volume.
Volume is L×W×H. The awser to volume is 27ft. I got that by multiplying 3×3=9×3=27.
To find the surface area you can use many different ways.
Here is a video to show how to find surface area.
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Here is a link to a quiz on 3d shapes and views.