Scientific Notation

Scientific notation is easy, it uses exponents and large numbers that you can turn into simplier forms.

Ex: The number 340,000,000 turns into the equation 3.4 multiplied by 10 with the exponent of 8.
you get the exponet of nine by looking at the numbers. first you place the decimal after the first number, then you count the numbers after the decimal. After that you find the numbers more then zero AFTER THE DECIMAL and the answer you get from that is the exponet of for the prodlem.

To get the the answer when you are given the simpilar form of the number you count the number past the decimal on the first part of the problem and the exponet is how many number you need so you sudtract the number past the decimal from the exponet and then you how ever many zeros as the answer.

You can also do scientfic notation with negitive numbers. for ex: .000012 you take the decimal and you put in the first number after the first number above zero. so for this example it is 1.2 then you count the number before the 12 and then make the number a negitive. for this prodlem it would be a -4 so this prodlem is 1.2 x 10 with a exponet of -4

if you are given the simpilar form for example 1.4 x 10 with a exponet of -2. first you put your two negitives .00 then you take the decimal out of the first part and put them together so you get .0014
Try some for your self
2.8x10^ -3
When you master all of these you can go to these two pages.

Advanced Scientific Notation

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