If You Know A Little About Scientific Notation and Want To Learn More About it Than This is The Place Were You Can Find It!

If you want to learn more about Scientific Notation then you can find the facts here! All Scientific Notation is, is making large numbers small or small numbers large.
If you want to make large numbers small then all you have to do is this:
First you must take the decimal and move it over to the first number EX:1000000. 1.000000

Second you have to count the number of zeros.In this case we have six zeros. Then you can get rid of the zeros but remember how many there were.
Then you have to Multiply the number by ten with the power. The power would be the number of zeros there were. EX:1x10^6=1000000
Now here are some examples:
Solve these Mentally.

Now its time to learn how to make small numbers large. It is easy to make small numbers large.
First you have to move the decimal over to the right place. EX. .00000216 - 000002.16
Then you have to count the zeros and you can get rid of them. but remember the number of zeros there are.
Next you multiply the number by ten to the negative power wich is the number of zeros plus the number of numbers.
EX. 2.16x10^-8=.00000216
Now that we have reviewed this concept lets try some.
Now that you have reviewed how to make small numbers large and vis versa. Now lets put some numbers into Scientific Notation.


If you already understand all of this then go to the advanced link. If this makes no sense at all to you, then go to the begginers link